The fee for endodontic treatment is based on the complexity of the treatment.

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Code E02

43,21per tooth/molar

The cost of the initial consultation (code E02) is € 43.21 per tooth or molar

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Code X10

17,28per picture

For each X-ray (code X10) required, the cost is €17.28 per photo

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Code X25


Sometimes it is necessary to take a CBCT scan (code X25) of the tooth. The scan (a 3D shot of the molar) is necessary to establish a better diagnosis and the goal is also to make the subsequent treatment as short (time) and less costly

After the initial consultation, we can indicate the cost of the treatment.

Those costs usually range from €700 to €1000 per tooth, but exceptions up or down are possible, depending on the complexity of the problem. After the consultation you will receive an indication of the expected treatment costs.

For the sake of clarity, we would like to let you know that not every procedure is fully reimbursed by all insurers.

There is no charge if you wish to change a scheduled appointment at least two full business days in advance. If you wish to change your appointment afterwards (i.e. within 48 hours), we will charge you for the time reserved for you. So please let us know as soon as possible if you need to reschedule an appointment.


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